Life lessons from chickens and eggs.

Chickens and eggs. Pollos y huevos. Tavuk ve yamurta. What do they really have to do with learning? Until this morning, I’m not sure I even knew. This past week, as part of my company’s customer service training, we filled out a questionnaire to determine our learning styles. Me being the lifelong introspective, compulsively self-aware … Continue reading Life lessons from chickens and eggs.


Slaying the Dragon of Doubt

Sometimes it seems Hagrid and I have more in common than I think. Magical thinking tends to convince one that even the most perilous creatures are warm, fuzzy critters whose only intent is to love us unconditionally. Hagrid’s affinity for dragons is no exception; and apparently neither is mine. And instead of possessing the instinct … Continue reading Slaying the Dragon of Doubt

Laundering the Christmas Spirit

This year’s most unlikely place for blog inspiration: The Laundrymat. Or is it Laundromat? Or Laundramat? According to my spell check it’s door number two. I guess there really is a spelling for one of the most annoying non-words there is. Kind of like there is a Santa Claus; a real word for an often … Continue reading Laundering the Christmas Spirit

Obessession Confession of a Lifelong Writer

It’s official. I am obsessed. As I sit outside on this cool Sunday morning sunk into my turquoise Adirondack chair, the breeze spins, bouncing the jewelweed and shaking the trees as I head  into a self-induced confessional. In general, the bottom line rule is true summer weekend mornings are not to be greeted any earlier … Continue reading Obessession Confession of a Lifelong Writer