Culture Shock Got My Tongue

I’m usually someone who is comfortable with silence. Awkward, comfortable, days’ worth or simply minutes, I usually need some sort of silence to function and feel at peace. I can go hours ambling around my apartment (when I had one) with enough chatter in my head to never notice the gorgeous silence surrounding me. Five … Continue reading Culture Shock Got My Tongue


There’s No Place Like Home

The beginning started in early July when the days on the calendar stretched out in neat numerical rows, blank and simmering with potential. Staring at them seemed daunting and simultaneously expectant as if about to read a great mystery. Now I am seven months into that story, each chapter reads as a folder of photos … Continue reading There’s No Place Like Home

Metal Water Bottles Make Good Weapons…and Other Discoveries

Metal Water Bottles Make Good Weapons… and Other Discoveries Life in a small, rural, Ecuadorian village isn’t so different than perhaps anywhere else in the world: Most people know each other, there’s local chisme or gossip to feed upon, and just about everyone is eventually related in some fashion. Quite different from the Green Mountains, … Continue reading Metal Water Bottles Make Good Weapons…and Other Discoveries

Useless Alarms and Double Parked Cars

Stepping out of the Mariscal-Sucre airport after some super-fine, well-deserved, first-class service, I knew I’d found Quito again. The smell of diesel-spewing buses plunked long forgotten memories back into my exhausted mind. Again and again over the last week, a scent, a visual, a phrase, a sound has prompted a flood of familiarity so vague … Continue reading Useless Alarms and Double Parked Cars

The Tortoise Catches Up with the Hare (and kicks some *ss)!

This sprinter may have finally figured out how to run and endure. It seems I’ve spent the majority of my life surviving; running at full speed from or to something, someone, or somewhere. It used to serve me; I was after all the fastest sprinter in my high school at the time. Despite how I … Continue reading The Tortoise Catches Up with the Hare (and kicks some *ss)!

Laundering the Christmas Spirit

This year’s most unlikely place for blog inspiration: The Laundrymat. Or is it Laundromat? Or Laundramat? According to my spell check it’s door number two. I guess there really is a spelling for one of the most annoying non-words there is. Kind of like there is a Santa Claus; a real word for an often … Continue reading Laundering the Christmas Spirit