Culture Shock Got My Tongue

I’m usually someone who is comfortable with silence. Awkward, comfortable, days’ worth or simply minutes, I usually need some sort of silence to function and feel at peace. I can go hours ambling around my apartment (when I had one) with enough chatter in my head to never notice the gorgeous silence surrounding me. Five … Continue reading Culture Shock Got My Tongue


Transformaaaaaaaaaaaation Queen!

You KNOW you broke into song and will have ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” embedded in your head for the next two hours. Satisfying as that is (I don’t look forward to retribution) it’s not exactly the point of my belated blog entry. In fact, as grad school reluctantly donates a few days off—not that the work … Continue reading Transformaaaaaaaaaaaation Queen!

Grad School’s Bitch

No. I have not dispparated, fallen off the earth or otherwise been absconded by a very hot cabana boy (sadly). Do not despair—because I’m doing enough for the entirety of China and India combined—I am here, buried beneath textbooks and journals and articles- oh, my! It’s just that I have simply become Grad School’s Bitch. … Continue reading Grad School’s Bitch