A Writer’s South American Confessional

My nomadic tendencies impart no novelty to anyone who knows me. Intrinsic – and my job – I joyfully seek opportunity to see the world, speak Spanish, practice another language, and generally push myself to move beyond the comfort I call home. Typically, retrieving my passport from its safe incites a childlike anticipation for another … Continue reading A Writer’s South American Confessional


Life lessons from chickens and eggs.

Chickens and eggs. Pollos y huevos. Tavuk ve yamurta. What do they really have to do with learning? Until this morning, I’m not sure I even knew. This past week, as part of my company’s customer service training, we filled out a questionnaire to determine our learning styles. Me being the lifelong introspective, compulsively self-aware … Continue reading Life lessons from chickens and eggs.

Culture Shock Got My Tongue

I’m usually someone who is comfortable with silence. Awkward, comfortable, days’ worth or simply minutes, I usually need some sort of silence to function and feel at peace. I can go hours ambling around my apartment (when I had one) with enough chatter in my head to never notice the gorgeous silence surrounding me. Five … Continue reading Culture Shock Got My Tongue

The Tortoise Catches Up with the Hare (and kicks some *ss)!

This sprinter may have finally figured out how to run and endure. It seems I’ve spent the majority of my life surviving; running at full speed from or to something, someone, or somewhere. It used to serve me; I was after all the fastest sprinter in my high school at the time. Despite how I … Continue reading The Tortoise Catches Up with the Hare (and kicks some *ss)!

Patience and Other Virtues I Don’t Have

Even as I type this text, I’m pretty certain my blog, in all its gorgeous high-heeled self, got stuck in a sewer grate somewhere. For over a week I have felt words bobbing and throbbing, impatiently begging to break the surface of my mind. I even have several Word documents containing stains and splatters of … Continue reading Patience and Other Virtues I Don’t Have

Obessession Confession of a Lifelong Writer

It’s official. I am obsessed. As I sit outside on this cool Sunday morning sunk into my turquoise Adirondack chair, the breeze spins, bouncing the jewelweed and shaking the trees as I head  into a self-induced confessional. In general, the bottom line rule is true summer weekend mornings are not to be greeted any earlier … Continue reading Obessession Confession of a Lifelong Writer